AGS Ltd are committed to providing our customers with the best service and product quality. We offer our customers confidence that their plastics will be processed in a clean environment with no cross contamination. We offer fast turn-around options and you can rest assured that your work will be dealt with reliably and confidentially.

Aylesbury Granulation Services Limited granulate plastics on a toll work basis for a number of national firms - either for onward sale or for re-use in their own manufacture. This means that the customer retains ownership of the material and we charge for processing (normally granulation and associated pre works, such as cutting).

In some cases we are able to buy scrap material from approved sources and then sell the re-grind. Please see stock list. If you have good quality scrap stock to sell (minimum one tonne) then please contact us.

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We were delighted to announce that we were awarded Best Environmental Business at the very first Aylesbury Vale Business Awards in November 2015.

It is always wonderful to be nominated for an Award but to be part of the first Aylesbury Vale Business Awards is quite an achievement. We were up against some quality competition, but our dedication to reducing waste plastic ending up in landfill was probably key to our success at this award.