Aylesbury Granulation Services Limited (known as AGS Ltd) have a single shaft shredder, breaking materials down to 30mm. We shred certain types of materials, generally before granulation, to ensure good quality regrind, which is often used in compounds for injection moulding, or to manufacture more plastic products.

If you have any waste plastic materials that you either wish to sell tous or for us to process for you and to return into your manufacturing process (toll work), then please contact us. We are happy to process a wide range of plastics, including PE (such as wheelie bins and tank), PP (such as crates), Polycarbonate (such as catering trays) and ABS (such as reels). We are also happy to discuss your slightly more unusual requests, such as shredding purge waste so that you can re-use the purge shred in your own process.

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